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International Jobs

There are international jobs available throughout a vast majority of industries worldwide. When considering an international position, its important to look at the local economy in the country of choice to ensure it will provide a suitable long-term living arrangement. There are specific jobs abroad that work well for Americans as well as a variety of entry level international jobs.

International Jobs for Americans

One thing to consider when looking at international jobs as an American is the language barrier. The likelihood of being hired increases dramatically if you speak the native language. Keeping the language concern in mind, some of the best countries to work in for Americans include the United Kingdom, France, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Belgium. In these countries, as well as others, English-speaking teachers are often in high demand, creating an excellent opportunity for Americans. Also, financial services and the technology industry are known for having a higher demand for American employees.

Entry Level Jobs Abroad

Teaching English can be an entry-level job overseas, as there are teaching assistants and aide positions readily available. There are also entry-level positions in theater, hospitality and tourism in many countries. For those job seekers who have technical skills, there are positions that require a four-year degree but no extensive prior work experience in nursing, computerand engineering.

Often these roles are assistants and give the applicant an opportunity to learn about the industry and the culture while being paid. This also gives the new employee relevant job experience in the industry and an opportunity to move up to higher-level positions. All of these areas are in demand in a multitude of countries, and they regularly consider American applicants.

For those individuals looking for a less-than-traditional career path or are fascinated with traveling abroad and immersing themselves in other cultures, international jobs may be the right path to take. Offering both higher-level positions and entry-level roles, international jobs let people of all ages find employment overseas.

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